Thursday, July 1, 2010

bottoms up!

for summer entertaining, i think we all love the idea of serving really festive drinks, and its an added bonus if the drink accoutrements are festive too. even if you're not doing your own entertaining, fun summer barware makes a welcome hostess gift, especially in conjunction with a bottle of something good! just in time for the 4th of july...

i think it's best to start at the source - with the drink dispenser. one idea, and the simplest of all, is to just use simple glass bottles (as shown in country living, below) or carafes like the vinny from crate and barrel.

it's amazing what a wow factor a pretty summer drink in a large, clear cooler can have - your guests will immediately ooh and aah, and be dying to taste your special mix. slice in some fruit for added visual appeal.

for simple, clean lines in glass, i love the glass drink dispensers from pottery barn and the cold beverage jar and stand from crate and barrel.

i also like the agua fresca jug and the mason jar drink dispenser from pottery barn for their playful twist on the standard glass option.

if you're concerned about breakage, there are some great acrylic options out there, specifically from pottery barn in two sizes and bed, bath and beyond's 3 gallon beverage dispenser with cooling cylinder for ice to keep your drink cold! (i've seen this one in action and it's a keeper).

and if you're a fan of options (and why not), check out the del sol double beverage jugs, a terrific value ($30 at bed bath and beyond).

okay so now that we have that part straightened out, on to the glasses. if something jazzy feels right to you, i have some great options to share.

from crate and barrel, how about the zazz and frida collections? love all the colors on both.

if you like the frida above, then i think you'll like pier 1's spring confetti and regular old confetti collections below. i totally love how, in all cases, it looks like paint was poured in and allowed to dry in whatever shapes it fell.

and their kaleidoscope stemless goblets and stemless margarita glasses are extremely pretty too, aren't they?

if you want to go in a totally different direction, check out the very subdued and elegant bennett collection from pottery barn, hand-blown and available in green, blue and clear.

a simple and pretty acrylic option (great for kids and drinking grown-ups alike) is west elm's hammered acrylic set, available in green or clear.

and for some reason, i can't stop eyeing the recycled glass options below. i love them. like, a lot.

i love the heft and chunkiness of the miguel barware from crate and barrel, made from rustic, mexican recycled glass, and the warpy-looking waves of west elm's recycled glass option.

so now the only thing left is what to drink. you might remember my fizzy peach and sangria recipes from last summer, but take a look if not. they're both easy to make and great for a crowd.

i also came across these wonderful looking variations on the southern living website - a site filled with so much decorating, entertaining and lifestyle eye candy, it's hard to contain one's excitement.

cava sangria (cava is spanish sparkling wine)

raspberry beer cocktail

watermelon mint margaritas

cool lavender lemonade (non-alcoholic)

berry splash (non-alcoholic)

bottoms up!

all images from linked sites

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Kate said...

such gorgeous images in this post...i wish everything i drank came out of a beautiful container! i guess i'm stuck in a to-go cup've inspired me! hope you're having a wonderful summer lovey!

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