Friday, July 9, 2010

fly me away

have you heard this totally adorable song? it's called the show and it's by lenka. i heard it as a lead-in to one of the shows i listen to on sirius and had to find it to share with you. the video is great too - i especially love the last 30 seconds - so cute!

and then, in a similar vein, annie little's fly me away, which you might recognize from the kindle commerical - another one i had to seek out and share. so happy sounding, especially the horns!

and the tone of these two songs is how i hope to feel over the next week when i'm away on fire island with my whole family. i hope you have a wonderful week, wherever you'll be.

while i'm gone, a "vintage" honey living post will publish each day to keep you busy, and i'll be back with all new posts on monday the 19th.

as the fire island edict slow.

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