Thursday, July 30, 2009

really, coach? really?

file this under "money would have to be burning a hole in my pocket to buy this."

it's a garden tote, and it's from's trimmed with alligator and comes in either green or blue trim. it comes with some garden accessories and it’s cute enough. it's also $6,000. yup, you read that right.

it's hard to really know where to start with this information. i'm not going to knock the idea of spending $6,000 on a bag - that's far too obvious and besides, i’m comfortable with the idea that we all function and spend at different levels. and i'm not going to knock coach - they're reliably classic yet modern and i've been loving their foray into patent leather in recent years.

what i will say, though, is that if i were going to vilely overspend on a bag, it would not be on coach (sorry), and it would most definitely not be on a garden tote, in green or blue trim.

it might, however, be on one of these little judith leiber numbers which range in price from just around $2,000 to dangerously close the price of a coach garden tote:

or for a less....sparkly look, maybe one of these:

escada plisse leather boston bag ($1,173 at neiman marcus)

valentino bow tote (a mere $895 at neiman marcus)
nuti medium ostrich hobo (on sale at saks for $2,388)
valentino bow hobo (on pre-order at saks for $1,895)
salvatore ferragamo sotto chiave shoulderbag ($4,250 at neiman marcus)
back in the real world, my most recent bag purchase was this oversized clutch from h&m, and it was $16. and i feel pretty good about it.

coach photos from, ; judith leiber photos from; escada photo from; valentino photos from and; ferragamo photo from


Kimberly said...

As a Proud owner of a Patent Leather Coach, they really did a great job. Wears just as well as a Classic Coach!

Maria said...

$6000 on a garden tote. I'm still not over it. I would rather go to Europe, or buy diamonds. But thats just me.

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