Friday, July 31, 2009

sweating the small stuff

sometimes it's the little things that make me the happiest. i have found that as someone who notices every detail, it pays to pay attention to them when making choices and purchases, because when it comes to details, a little can go a long way. if i'm noticing all the details anyway, i might as well enjoy them. i've found this to be particularly true for functions that are mundane and often unfussed over. why not fuss just a little? it makes everything nicer.

for example, i love how h&m (which stupidly doesn't allow you to shop online) carries packages of hairties in several different color combinations each season. about a dozen of them are under $3, and are totally worth it - for summer, when my wardrobe is full of corals and pinks, these coral, white and tan hairties are a small detail that make me feel just a little more coordinated and finished than the mundane black ones. i might even be the only one who notices them, but that's good enough for me.

another small but appreciated detail is the use of pretty file folders, rather than plain ones. of course, filing and billpay and paper organization is not, on its face, a fun task, but i do enjoy the folders i use (a gift from my mom) which are varied and pretty and they are, like most things i enjoy, easy to mix and match.

i also really enjoy the little pillbox i carry in my bag - another thing which could just as easily be utilitarian and clinical looking, as there could be no task more mundane than arming oneself with ibuprofin and nexium...but pulling out a pretty little box instead just feels nicer.

what small details make a difference to you?

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Anonymous said...

ok, ok, i'll new card cubby! it's brown faux alligator and holds (alphabetically of coarse) all of those store credits and store coupons that I had shoved in a small, beat up old bag in my handbag. love it!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm sad because I don't have anything like this that's special b/c of the details, but that just gave me the perfect inspiration for the day. I'm seeking something out.

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