Wednesday, July 8, 2009

imagine greater

i have never been a fan of science fiction, but i have to say, this trailer caught my attention. the sci fi network is changing its brand -- it is now "syfy," rather than "sci fi" -- and to roll out the new on-air look and name, they launched a re-brand campaign, replete with new tagline - imagine greater.

now of course this trailer would resonate more to me if i knew the characters and the shows they're in, but even without knowing them, the video is so artful and stimulating to watch that it stands alone.

click here to watch trailer

set to the song "happiness," by goldfrapp, a british electronic band, the musical feel is reminiscent of a trippy beatles sound to me, and the general style recalls those fantastic hbo trailers from a few years ago where all the characters from their hit shows interacted with each other set to good songs. i think it is genius.

note all the interesting and beautiful light sources, the wall colors and treatments, the extremely interesting wardrobe choices and even a segment of an mc escher-esque set of stairs. my favorite moment is when the multi-color stacks of paper start to blow off one sheet at a time turning into flying paper cranes. love.

all in all, it is a visual carnival of unusual sights, saturated colors and whimsical sparkle throughout. i highly suggest watching it a few times, as new things have occurred to me and charmed me each time i've watched it.

i might even have to try one of their shows. imagine that.

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Izabella said...

it was like a little music video. I think they should create that type of ping pong table, where you can see where the ball went. The paper scene that you mentioned is one of my favorites too.

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