Wednesday, July 29, 2009

just sprayin'

not to be like the father in my big fat greek wedding, but windex has been one of my best recent discoveries. not for windows, but as a jewelry cleaner. it's the fastest method yet (forget dropping into a container, waiting a few minutes, fishing it out, rinsing it and then drying) and works every bit as well as the motorized jewelry cleaner i have that takes 20 minutes. just spray your jewels liberally and blot dry (no rinsing required).

fyi - this method is jeweler-approved (at least by mine) as a safe way to clean diamonds and most other gems. as always, keep this and other jewelry cleaners away from pearls.

enjoy and put your sunglasses on! with any luck, your baubles will look like the out of control harry winston ring pictured above.

windex photo from
ridiculous diamond ring photo from


katepetrov said...

Oh is that where I left my ridiculous diamond ring? Thanks for finding it. ;)

Maria said...

I'm greek...I love windex.

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