Tuesday, July 21, 2009

once upon a daybed

i love love love this concept and the piece itself. it's called the principessa daybed, and it's by doshi levien, a london based design duo that blends indian and european influences in their amazing creations. their website is definitely worth a look, provided you have some time to spare. their ideology and approach to design is as important as the designs themselves, in my opinion.

their principessa daybed is inspired by the story of the princess and the pea (long story short: prince wants to make sure his lady is for sure a princess by placing a pea under many, many mattresses and seeing if she can tell all is not perfect. if she can, she is a gentle, fragile princess indeed).

this real-life daybed has several thin layers of mattress, covered in luxuriant indian textiles. and btw, it's also almost $5,000.


on another note, anyone who's handy with a needle and thread could use this basic idea for any number of things - throw pillows, floor or chair cushions, window seat cushion, etc...it's very cool and would be a great way to use up leftover fabric remnants or textiles you keep for sentimental reasons but for which you have no real use. in fact (lightbulb!) i'm thinking it could be a great way to use all those bridesmaid dresses...then the dresses can live happily ever after too!

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