Tuesday, July 19, 2011

his and hers

how sweet are these glasses? like all things kate spade, i love how they blend whimsy with classic. and i seriously wish everything in the world was in this pretty script typeface, don't you? and i adore the idea of using lovely glasses like these for your very own cocktail hour like this one. what drinks are you mixing up? in summer, everywhere i look there are ideas for fab drinks. need some ideas? try this one and this one. and if it's hot and sticky and the days are so long you can't be bothered with glasses (these sweet ones or any others) then look no further than this bubbly in a can. surprisingly classy!

even if you have enough barware, the shorter ones especially would be great for pens, toothbrushes, really anything. and what a great gift for a couple in love that are first cohabitating, getting married or just starting their own happy hour tradition like our friends kelly and cory. they would also be impossibly sweet at a dinner party, maybe alternating from one setting to another...his, hers, his, hers....so many ideas. and that typeface - swoooooon....

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