Thursday, July 21, 2011

tiny treasures...a classic stripe

does it get any more chic and easy looking than the classic striped tee? i'm such a fan, and especially now, they're just everywhere. this whole clothing line from the former creative director of kate spade is based around the classic striped tee, and there are plenty of other versions available at the gap, a wonderful selection at j.crew, a great basic at old navy and plenty more.

but alas, a horizontally striped shirt on me just doesn't seem prudent, even now, so i found these stupidly cheap flip flops to substitute. wouldn't they look cute with jeans and a solid tee, or even an all black or all white outfit? these just make the perfect tiny treasure - a midsummer spruce for your look that you can rock every day and even years into the future...that's the thing about a classic - they're always around.

and then the beach! oh, they'd be so perfectly lifeguardy for the beach. especially in these stars.

are you in?

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