Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a summer classic

i'm all of a sudden pining for a pair of jack rogers navajo sandals. i'm ruefully recalling a day before i loved them...a day when i encountered an enormous rack of them, all in gold, all for $10. i could die. do you have a purchase that got away?

but what was NOT on that $10 rack -- because it wasn't yet born -- was the jack rogers navajo jellies! kind of obsessed with this new beach and pool-ready incarnation and at $68, these might be the way to go.

if the jellies weren't by the original designer and were instead a copy, they might be cheesy, but instead, they're a playful, summery nod to what is already an american summer classic. you want to argue with jackie o?

what's on your wish list right now?

images from here and here

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PoppyK said...

Oh I so remember a tall quarter-sawn oak chest of drawers with a zillion drawers and great industrial brass fittings(it must have been a display piece from a store of some kind)that I saw in the window of an antique shop that I assumed was totally out of my price range. I finally went in only to find out that the piece was sold at a price I totally could have afforded. The happy upside is that now I know that this store IS in my price range and I shop there all the time!

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