Wednesday, July 27, 2011

saying yes to holes

for some reason, i find things that are perforated so particularly nice. one of my favorite little home objects is a perforated metal votive holder, which creates a spotted effect as it splays light on the walls. for that reason, creating tin can luminaries seems a fine idea (maybe this could be a use for the coffee cans mitchell insists on saving...don't ask).

along similar but less amish lines, i love this awesome pendant light from crate and barrel:

it's now discontinued which makes me very sad since i've had it bookmarked for my new apartment, whenever that happens.

and my heart bursts for this pierced wood train station bench. i think if i could choose one item to possess today, this would be it. how lovely would it be in an entryway, a mudroom, a shaded front would even transform a lonely hallway.

in the accessory space, i love the recent-ish rash of perforated leather bags all over. i wasn't sure at first, but now i'm very, very sure indeed.

there's the gorgeous pink one above and this one...

and this one...

oh, and a big YES on the perforated leather shoes too.

i love when a certain concept like "perforation" can come into your life in so many ways in the form of light, furniture, personal style and more. such a yes.


Anonymous said...

I fell for a perforated Club Monaco leather bomber. Alas, it was much more than I could afford. The perforations made the leather seem light and airy and not quite so serious.

The leather bomber aside, I'm definitely aboard this train.

Lynne said...

damn you for posting the photo of that bench - now I must have it and it's in Washington DC and they don't sell online and I have no way to get it and I can't have it and I waaaaaaaaaaaant it!!

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