Tuesday, July 26, 2011

crazy eyes

hear me when i tell you that these sunglasses (impossibly hard to find) have been following me around the city...on other womens' faces. they first caught my eye a few weeks ago on a fellow train rider, and since then i've seen them pop up on other lucky lasses. each time, they stop me dead in my tracks. something about the high gloss black combined with the sweetly heart shaped frames and wavy arms...i just love them.

out of curiosity, and maybe a little torture, i sought them out online and discovered some other ridonc prada pairs as well. my goodness gracious ladies, check them out. i just love the extreme-ness of the shapes.

and then look at this pair from charles in both fab colors...

and these from karen walker, also very extreme in shape.

and then in fuschia!

and if you're into brights, just look at these...

and then these from house of harlow. you go nicole.

i'll allow you to switch mental modes for a second now....

there are also these and these which are a little closer to my budget. as in, they're $10.

i've really become of the opinion that, like fragrances and bags, sunglasses are an accessory meant to be changed up and switched around, so inexpensive ones in different colors are a definite YES in my world right now.

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