Monday, July 18, 2011

red hot...or white hot

since we're going to be apartment shopping in the next couple months, i'm fairly constantly thinking about what our new space might look like. i'm hoping for a sleek modern kitchen since i've never had one, but if it's not, and instead it's a little older and a little more..."charming..." then maybe i'd try and do somethings snazzy to the cabinets, like a high gloss red paint. this paint color is kind of amazing, don't you think? i think it's a lot like essie's long stem roses and you KNOW how i feel about that (on my fingers and toes as i type these thoughts). although it might be too similar to our pinky red kitchen now

in some ways, looking at the old pictures of our current kitchen all in white that i felt was so drab, maybe i'd kind of prefer that to trying to doll it up if it's not a really nice kitchen, and i know mitchell would since it would mean less painting for him. wins all around.

if i had my absolute druthers, i'd want a gorgeous white kitchen that perfectly mixes old and new, light and dark and warm and cool. like these.

especially this one...

how did we get from bright red glazed cabinets to all white kitchens? in a way, that's exactly why new homes are so exciting...a fresh start where you can begin on one path of design or look and feel and end up in an entirely different place.

top image, all other images original and from house beautiful

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