Friday, April 22, 2011

this week i'm loving

loving so many things this week and want to share them with you. to name a few...

the better-than-ever sunglasses selection at old navy.

the most delicious smelling soap. EVER.the coconut scent is the most authentic vacation-in-a-bar i've ever experienced, thanks to my lovely aunt jackie.

i love this bag from banana because it's a rather serious bag in a very spring-ready color. love that combo, and LOVE the color. it also comes in a terrific grass green.

also in the world of colorful accessories, how much fun is this enamel watch? i'm actually rather fond of a few of the watches on hsn. and for only three easy payments....

and welcome to the world of this enamel bracelet. and this perfect set of mismatched bangles

okay i'm done.
ok wait, just one more

i can't help it! i'm a bracelet addict and all mine are too big on me now. good problem to have, i suppose. i'm loving that this week too.

have a great weekend full of things you love.

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