Monday, April 11, 2011

sweet stuff from the weekend

did you enjoy the weekend? i did!

for my grandmother's birthday party, i doctored an angel food cake in a new and different way and it was a hit! i sliced a sugar free angel food cake (my grandma can't have sugar) in half the long way (so there was a top half and a bottom half). then i spread sugar free cool chip in between the layers and placed some sliced bananas in there. then i topped it with the other piece of the cake and covered the whole thing in sugar free cool whip, sprinkling sliced almonds and banana slices all over it. done! i had kept the cool whip in the refrigerator overnight and then out on the counter for a few hours before prepping the cake. that made it soft enough to spread but not so soft that it drooped or dripped.

in other sweet news, i made sugar water over the weekend for the hummingbirds and put it in my i just wait! i dissolved a few tablespoons of sugar in hot water and added red food coloring. here birdies!!

then yesterday mitchell and i sat on our town's dock and watched the canadian geese and swans make their way across the water. it was overcast and a little cold, but we had a sweet time anyway.

what did you do over the weekend?

top image , hummingbird feeder image, dock image

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