Thursday, April 7, 2011

follow the glow

i'm still quite taken with the look of a luminary-lined walkway for any sort of gathering. of course a wedding for sure, but even a casual summer barbecue. what a treat for guests to follow the glowy lights to where the action is. it reminds me of being a kid and following the balloons to the backyard. it's like a visual version of following your nose to where the delicious smells are coming from or your ears to where the music and dancing are. and if it were all of the above? well would be some party!

and as an extension on the idea, i love the thought of using luminaries as placecards...each guest would pick theirs up (the paper bag variety is best since they don't get hot like jars) and would walk to their with it, so there would be a glowing, ethereal sense of motion in the room for just a few precious moments. then they could set them down at their table (hello, incidental centerpiece!) and the tables would each be glowy beacons.

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