Friday, April 1, 2011

friday thoughts and links

what are you up to this weekend dolls? mitchell and i are going extreme couponing (grocery shopping) tonight and we have our youngest friend's birthday party tomorrow - she's turning 2. then on sunday, we're taking a walk to the dock near our house and sipping coffee and talking. in between all that, i wouldn't mind a few naps, some reading and some DVR catch-up.

 i've been seeing ads everywhere for tiffany's new lock collection...i guess they figured the keys worked, so this seems a natural extension.

this watch makes me smile. this one makes me drool.

seeds of change was giving away 100 million organic seeds for only $4.99 yesterday (really just the shipping) and i'm glad to say i got some! they're out now, but you can buy their regular seeds (here's a dollar coupon), and i love their whole mission. i love that they care about what the recipients do with the underscores the ways we're all connected, especially through nature. love!

and while we're on all things green...check out cycleberry joe. organic produced delivered by bicycle. obsessed.

how cute is this as a way to tell your parents your pregnant? i love the slow unfolding of the realization...

aren't these alice prints cute? they come framed.

on weddings...

check out all this lovely ombre styling from the broke-ass bride.

i'm loving loving loving the modern monogram invitation suite from the wedding chicks. i love the interplay of the traditional block lettering with the flirty, modern handwritten style. play around with the much fun.

check out the collection BRIDEfinds curated for reese witherspoon-esque, rustic-chic wedding decor.

what are your thoughts on animal prints and weddings? celebrity wedding reporter has pictures, and the thoughts of an event stylist with some pointers.

i love love love this engagement session shot by suzanna march and featured on bwed. the groom is a baseball coach, and while normally i don't love overly themed photo shoots, i think this one does a really nice job balancing what's clearly a passion with a more multi-purpose style.

some of the shots are decidedly baseball related, but others are not at all, so it's a great mix. i also love that they're not wearing jerseys or war paint or something...they're just dressed normally and it's actually really easy to believe that they are each truly dressed the way they normally do, given that she's a little dressier than he seems like something that just happened, rather than being planned that way.


and isn't this one so sweet? look how sweet and sincere he looks. 

have a sweet and sincere weekend.

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