Friday, April 15, 2011

i do and beyond

this week, while working on some posts for BRIDEfinds, i came across some items from the wedding world that i rather fancy myself, even with no wedding on my horizon (been there, done that).

i love the idea of using crystals to spell out "i do" or your initials or something else meaningful on the soles of your shoes. and i want a pair with my initials for every pair of shoes i own.

i love these vintage reserve fun for a cheese platter.
also on that front, how adorable are these personalized wine labels? i love the whole "drunk with love" angle, but you could also easily do "drunk with holiday cheer" for holiday bottles of wine or "drunk with appreciation" for thank you bottles of wine. at $.48 per label, pair it with an inexpensive bottle of wine and you're golden. aka, "drunk with gift idea."

how cute are these cookies? what a sweet way to save the date or send wedding guests off with dessert!

and since cupcakes are already a little overdone, how sweet is the idea of a cake made of macarons like this one?

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Maria said...

I ordered those "I Do" crystal embellishments last week for my weddings! I am waiting for them to come any day now! I love them!

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