Monday, March 28, 2011

tea time

did you read the article in the times a few weeks ago about tea service and all the places that have it? it's quite lovely, really, the thought of it all, and it's easing me into the idea of reducing my coffee intake. mitchell and i have started to drink tea in the evenings - with a touch of milk. we get the sleepytime extra and i have to tell you, it knocks me the F&*K out. didn't expect that outburst in a post about ladylike tea, did you? this particular variety of tea is so hard to find, that i imagine the delivery driver had a sip and is still sleeping halfway through his route.

when i was in toronto a couple months ago, i was utterly charmed by the collected and mismatched tea service and dishes my cousin daccia had. see all the different pieces, no two alike?

and it inspired me to have my very own. so off to toronto's chinatown we went, and i got these little teacups and teapot which i've been having my nightly tea in. i already love the way they mix and match with each other and some of the other dishes i have. yes, i already have vintage teacups, but i wanted something looser and more casual, like daccia's.

then when i got home i picked up the perfectly worn, perfectly sweet teapot stand above at a soon-to-close antique store in town.

my new thing is that i want to start off the day with an antioxidant iced tea, sweetened only with lemon (must get off sweet and low). any suggestions for a decaf tea that's good iced and works well with lemon? should i come up with a few more requirements while i'm at it?


Anonymous said...

decaf chamomile green tea is great with lemon

Rebecca said...

Check out Argo Tea ( There are four locations in NYC. They have amazing teas-both hot and iced! Also, they stress the importance of healthy tea drinking, tea products, and the many benefits of drinking tea!

Natalie Gill said...

So funny. I just found your blog today and I just published a post about tea parties too! I love your blog, such creative and inspiring posts.

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