Wednesday, March 16, 2011

keeping our heads on straight....condense

you know those little things that have the ability to ever-so-slightly annoy you on a daily basis? like this eyeshadow, for example. the three that i (clearly) use have become difficult to use because they're all smushed up against the edges. this means every time i try to use it, i get more shadow under my nails than i do on my fingertips, and therefore on my eyes.

so the other day in an inspired moment, i swiped a q-tip around the perimeter of each of the three colors that were causing the problem, and what a difference. whenever i do little things like this, it's always amazing to me what a big difference tiny things like that make to your daily routine. it's an instant way of feeling calmer and more together, like things are in order.

i'm going to try and do one little condensing thing like that every day for the next few days. next up? combine the two bags of cotton balls into one. and tomorrow, i'm totally condensing my two metrocard balances onto one card. take THAT mental clutter.

want to join me in doing things like that? what's first on your list?

1 comment:

Poppy K said...

Love those colors - who makes that palette?

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