Thursday, June 3, 2010

a blank canvas (or four)

i've been in a very project-minded mood recently, so these colorblock painted canvases caught my eye as something totally DIY-able (no disrespect to the artists who make them, as they're great looking!).

unless i'm grossly miscalculating, all you'd have to do is get 4 canvases of whatever size you want and paint each one its own solid color. in the case of the blue set, the shades are slightly different than one another in the same family, while the set of earth tones are each a distinctly different shade. either option totally works.

although wisteria's sets vary in texture, as a DIY, they could lack that feature and look just as good, in my opinion. or of course, you could use a textured paint to get the exact look.

these could hang anywhere, in any formation and they're sharp-looking, modern and are a great way to fill wall space and add color to any room.

this is my kind of art project - no real artistic talent required. plus, you end up with good-looking, one-of-a-kind pieces custom made for your very own home. AND you'll know the artist personally...

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all photos from wisteria

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