Wednesday, November 3, 2010

at our fingertips

i'm loving the essie winter collection - such an improvement on last year's winter collection to my mind.

one of the things i like is that some of the shades are sort of evolutions of some of the essie fall collection. take for example these:

going incognito, above, is a jewelier play on fall's army-chic sew psyched, while hot coco, below, seems to a cross between between a moodier take on fall's little brown dress, which i have fully enjoyed, and the slightly older mink muffs.

luxedo, below, seems a lot like fall's velvet voyeur, which i'm wearing at this very moment and loving, deeply (it's so shiny!!). i'm interested to see how luxedo differs.

i'm also really excited about masquerade belle, below, described as black ruby (yes please!) which bodes well, since the aforementioned velvet voyeur (indeed the holy grail of fall manis, like i thought it would be) is described as "intense chocolate amethyst"...they seem to share some DNA in being really dark black/brown with a hint of a deep, jewely color.

not sure how silken cord differs from the bounty of great reds, long stem roses being my personal pick, so we'll see when these hit nail salons (should be soon, but shoppable now here and in abbreviated form here).

and then there's smokin' hot, below, described as a stone-cold fox gray. while the slightly older chinchilly doesn't work for me, i'm hopeful that this deeper, darker, browner gray will fit the bill.

any early favorites?


Anonymous said...

Girl, why aren't you blogging about your life post gastric bypass? Far more interesting and definitely more helpful than nail polish colors.

There are 1000s of us who are afraid to do what you had the guts to persevere. Tell us about it, please.

We are a community and we need your help.

I'll just call myself trapped and remember it was you that said, "in the interest of having my outside match my inside, something i've been working towards for some time, i want to share that i will be having surgery next week - gastric bypass - and will have much to share on my thoughts and feelings someday."

Are you going to share your thoughts as promised. It's pretty darn easy just to delete this comment and you probably should since I didn't have the guts to identify myself but try to understand that because of my weight I've lived most of my young life in the background.

Thanks Carla for anything you might say that will encourage us to move forward.

honey living said...

i hear you, anon, and thank you for your comment. i actually do have another blog about my weight struggle and my gastric bypass which i have hesitated to make public thus far, but i am planning on making it available very soon.

in the meantime, if you'd send me your email, i will invite you so you can see it right now. you can send it to me at

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