Thursday, November 11, 2010

funny girl (and she cooks!)

i'm kind of loving jessica seinfeld these days. gone are the days of being accused of stealing the fruit puree idea, and here to stay is her fab personality and great, healthy ideas. when i was home from work for a few weeks, i joined the oprah-watching world and there jessica was - comfortable, self-assured, and much-adored by jerry, her proud, watchful and totally not overshadowing husband.

in today's goop, jessica and her new book are featured. watch the video gwyneth links to - one of many short, supereasy looking ones on jessica's new website, originally shot for jessica's friend who wanted to learn to cook. and also read the short interview with jessica for some excellent tips and a glimpse into her world.

i love how in the video, jerry is just hanging in the background looking like a hungry husband wondering what's for dinner. nary a close up of his face nor a peep out of his hilarious genius of a mouth.

want the book. for me and for gifts. want her to be my friend. and jerry too.

image from seattle times

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