Friday, November 5, 2010

spare pair

these last few rainy days in new york have illuminated how great the "spare pair" is that i picked up at target a few weeks ago (not to be compared with this spare pair, also interesting).

they're a foldable pair of flats that come with their very own carrying case - how cute! thrown in your bag, they're a quick change agent for heels, rain boots, sneakers or flip flops and perfect for traveling, commuting, or just as a fallback for ambitious shoe-wearers. they're like the popples of shoes. hear me when i tell you they look just as nice as their more rigid flat brethren when worn. unfortunately, they're not available online so you have to make the trek. or...

similarly, the gap has city flats in several colors and textures, including my two favorites, the velvet flat in phantom purple and the leather flat in perfectly on-trend camel. also see them in the punchy, rich lasalle red.
i love the range of colors available in the city flats, and if you want even more options, you have to check out the collection at yosi samra. they even make bridal ones!
to me, this concept is pure genius. women have been carrying spare pairs since the dawn of time...(okay, maybe not the dawn of time, but you get what i mean), it's just never been this easy or cute!

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Erin said...

Popples! I loved Popples!!

I saw these at Target and Gap and was so intrigued. I definitely need them! Glad to know they're just as cute as normal flats, I'm in!

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