Wednesday, May 4, 2011

high/low...decoupaged glass trays

i've long loved the idea of the decoupaged glass tray, especially as a gift for a lovely lady...whether a bridal shower, mother's day or a gift for a special friend. let's be serious, i like them for myself too, on a vanity, a key table, a desk...the possibilities are quite literally endless. but i've always been confounded by the price.

i've found the most expensive selection to be at cursive new york (not surprisingly) like the harvest applespouting whale and the blue butterfly. i suppose being designed by john derian allows them to charge close to $200 for some of their trays. excuuuuuuuse me.
jayson home and garden has some at the same pricepoint as cursive like the brown butterfly (but john derian's nowhere to be found)...but then they also have some medium-priced options like the gypsy rectangular tray ($78) and the adorable elephant tray decoupaged glass tray ($55).

and then jayson home and garden has these lovely french letter trays in porcelain and ceramic and although they're smaller than the others, i rather like that about them and think it makes them very versatile and usable in any number of settings. and they're each under $25.

that's more like it.

but the absolute best deal around is the selection of trays by two's company i spotted at the tuesday morning that opened recently in port washington. they range from $2.99 to $7.99 each and they're perfectly lovely. to me, these beautifully convey the truth that you don't need to buy the most expensive version of something to get in on the concept and fully enjoy it.

bridal showers coming up? weekend visits that require thanks? guess who's getting a tray? EVERYONE!


they might not look all that special stacked like they are, that's where your vision has to come in...wrapped in simple clear cellophane with a raffia or satin ribbon, these will make the perfect gift this spring and summer.

you in?

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