Friday, May 20, 2011

how does your garden grow?

i have to apologize for my really subpar pictures today, but i do want to garden (aka balcony) is looking lovely and i'm really enjoying sitting out there in the mornings and evenings. i don't think enjoying outdoor space will ever get old. 

i have nonstop red begonias, deep velvety purple petunias, a caddy of the most fragrant lavender and some spikes and vinca vines...all my favorites.
on the vegetable front, i'm growing bibb lettuce, chives and parsley on my front step (i forgot to take a picture of that) and a big container of dill from seed on the balcony since it needs lots of sun. i felt my eyes light up this morning when i saw that all the rain this week brought little dill plant sprouts. so exciting! and i feel especially charmed by the cement boot i have a spike in...though i think i might plant some flowers from has always been on my grandparents' front stoop, and it makes me smile to think it was my grandfather's boot. clearly, it wasn't, as it's made of cement, but i have always associated that way and when i'm sitting outside in quiet with the birds and the breeze, it makes me smile.


are you growing anything? 

i hope you have a weekend of birds and breezes, beauty and growth. and maybe some festive grilling and drinking.

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