Monday, May 23, 2011

summer parties are coming!

the coming of memorial day weekend always makes me think of entertaining, parties and time spent outside (hopefully the weather will cooperate). given my love of mismatching chairs (and really chairs in any form), this picture makes my heart sing. i love the tolix style chairs in all their timeworn glory, mixed with the sweet and shabby chic tableware, and even some painted wood chairs thrown in. it seems like this was a party that just came together on its own and those can be the best kinds of parties.

and how about this spread? definitely a little more planned out looking, and charming in its own way. i always love the way a bevvy of glasses look on a table...they bring a certain sparkle and shine that suggests a party and a little elegance. and the potted herbs and plants as centerpieces? yes please!! these would be amazing centerpieces to send guests home with since they won't wilt or die and can add something to their summer garden, kitchen or balcony.

and simple and so sweet. you know i love baby's breath en masse (like here and here), and sticking it in a coffee can that's charming but not too vintagey in an overplayed way...there's that impromptu charm that is perfection all in itself.

are you planning any parties or entertaining this weekend? are you going detailed and planned out or free form and casual? i'd love to hear!

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