Thursday, May 5, 2011

bookshelf perfection

how sweet is this print, called  ideal bookshelf 101: robert verdi. it's part of a collection of ideal bookshelves by artist jane mount (she creates images of peoples' bookshelves as a form of biography), and they're all sold separately at 20x200. i sometimes think a gorgeous image of something replaces the need to have even if we can't all have the most fabulous collection of books on our shelves, we can have a perfect picture of them. 

do you know about the magnificent website 20x200? here's the deal: they sell numbered prints of all kinds of beautiful and different artwork, and they editions start at only $20. most pieces are sold in four sizes and they also sell originals if you'd like. read more about their story here, and whatever you do, bookmark this site for when you need just the thing...for you, for a friend, or just for some eye candy.

do you love?

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