Friday, October 1, 2010

happy weekend!

OMG. good morning on this exceedingly wet morning. it's biblical out there. like, truly ridiculous, right? i hope you have a dry weekend planned.

tomorrow, mitchell and i going to two great towns on long island to have a special anniversary day - cold spring harbor and huntington. i might buy a couple potted mums or cattails to put on our balcony at one of the many nurseries we'll pass on our way.

bethenny and jason's wedding song always makes me feel warm and that weird? give it a listen and see if you agree. love those two.

this is how i feel today.

my new favorite reality obsession. these women are so likeable and just so normal. aside from the fact that there are four of them, of course. that's a little different.

MAJOR halloween costume. i die.

check out my would you rather post from earlier this week on SHEfinds.

and have a good weekend. that's the most important thing of all. '

see you back here next week.

top image from storm effects.

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