Friday, October 22, 2010

hot under the collar

aren't heavy winter coats the bane of your existence while commuting, traveling or shopping? UGH! they're great when you're outside freezing, but it seems like the nanosecond you get inside, the heat is blasting like it's trying to bake you, and all the people create a level of body heat that makes you want to strip down and scream. my solution is usually to skip the coat if at all possible, figuring i'll be cold while outside but that i'll warm up quickly inside. then i stand there shivering waiting for the bus cursing my stupid, stupid idea.

enter the abrigo love love! have you seen it? it's a pretty tapestry-style carpetbag (comes in cognac or verde) which holds any size coat (and a pocketbook as well!) and is easily slung over your shoulder or strapped onto a piece of rolling luggage. and when you're not using it, it folds flat and stows anywhere you want. this is so perfect for someone who travels a lot, carries an abundance of stuff everywhere they go (hello, have we met??), really this is just pretty awesome.

LOVE. especially in cognac.

images from abrigo bag

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