Tuesday, October 26, 2010

honey gift files: early possibilities

i think it’s never too early to keep on the lookout for potential holiday gifts. like anything, the second something is marketed as a holiday gift, the price tag goes up a little, so i always like the idea of picking things up throughout the year as you see things on sale or for good prices.

though it often makes sense to wait on more personal gifts until you get closer so you know what they need or want, the more generic gifts for hostesses, hair stylists, work colleagues, etc can be great to pick up along the way.

some of my perennial favorites are from pier 1 - i love their little jeweled boxes which are three in a pack (three gifts!) for about $13 and they can each be wrapped in pretty tissue paper or cellophane for a perfect little token - for a little over $4 each! these are also great little gifts for when people get engaged - they're perfect for rings. also along the glittery lines, i love the jeweled pens (above) for $9 each.

for even less, i looooove their nylon reusable totes and i find that people really use them, including me, as i have five of them and they're stashed everywhere. so pretty, so useful, so green. and so $3 each. to be really green, don't even wrap them (they're sort of wrapped themselves) and just clip a gift tag on with a little note.

these faux python lipstick cases are $2.50 each and are a perfect token for someone who loves pretty things. i love the idea of the yellow or purple ones since both colors are so big right now, and i don't think you could ever go wrong with pink.

for a really cute little combo gift, i love the glitter leaf pen ($3.50) and the boho purse notepad ($4.95). of course you could also pair the jeweled pen with the boho purse notepad. this is one of those gifts where i inevitably get a little gift for myself too.

have you had any good holiday finds yet?

all images from pier 1

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