Tuesday, October 5, 2010

woodn't you rather?

in our technologically advanced world, things can be so cold, you know? not only in the spiritual sense, but in the very real tactile sense, especially as the weather cools...everything is metal and glass and cold and hard-edged, so i was instantly charmed when i came upon these real wood skins for apple products from karvt (unfortunately these are not available to the PC world, but there is a basic version available through schtickers).

i just love that these are sustainable and responsible, totally unique as no two pieces of wood are alike, and also totally affordable (nothing over $35!). i think my favorite colors are the chocolate walnut and the natural cedar. the iPhone covers are $15 for the 3G (note: front cover only) and $25 for the iPhone 4...holiday gifts, anyone?
and i love the idea of warming up and office space with these enzo star boxes made of sustainable sheesham wood, don't you? something like these on a desk or work surface would just warm it up instantly, as opposed to the cold, utilitarian black and metal versions we're used to, and they're so much more whimsical than the buttoned-up wood options out there.

i love that beautiful wood can be enjoyed in so many ways...we don't have to be in the market for a big piece of furniture to enjoy it.

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