Monday, June 7, 2010

tasty harvest

well, i love all things tori and dean, so i might be a little biased, but i really think this might be one of the cutest ideas i've ever heard of. for liam's birthday celebration at school, T assembled mini terra cotta pots filled with hummus (one for each kid) with baby carrots sticking out of them, as if they were growing out of the pot. i only wish i had a picture of it, but you can imagine how great looking they were. i love this as a cute, healthy alternative to the standard cupcakes or cake, don't you?

i think it would be extra cute if you did it with mini carrots with some green still on if you're literally harvesting them to eat!

although i totally love this as a children's snack idea, i'm sort of obsessed with it as a grown-up idea too. i just know they're the type of little touch that charms a house or yard full of guests.

UPDATE: in response to this post, concern about choking was brought to my attention, so that should be carefully noted with this idea. perhaps carrots are best suited for kindergarten and up, with something less hazardous like crackers or pretzel sticks for really young children.

photos from whos dated who, thermopakdirect, sabbah, health tips, and amy surf


Maria said...

i think its a great grown-up idea too! love it!!

Debra Brandwein said...

Sorry to be a little negative, but raw carrots can be choked on by little ones.....just use something else growing out of the humuus

honey living said...

OMG you're right! well...are they dangerous for kids that are like, 3? that's what liam was i think.

jackie fo said...

I.LOVE.TORI.AND.DEAN. enough said ;)

Kate said...

i feel like tori is such a real person...i don't get the channel that her show comes on so boo on that, but i have seen it and read her books (LOVED THEM!). i've missed you honey L. glad you are doing well!

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