Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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do you die over most everything from BHLDN like i do? I DIE. it hurts, much like walking into anthropologie does. on one hand, bhldn sort of packs up the vintage chic thing into almost too neat a lace-and-typography package, makes it too attainable and spot on, and it makes it seem a little ubiquitous, which is the precise moment a wedding trend jumps the shark and becomes boring. but it does it so beautifully, it's forgiven, and mixed in with one's own style and flair, it could be wonderful and charming.

and i thought i was bored of coverups and boleros until i saw these. and are you kidding me with this duchess lace cape?

but there's been some uproar about one of their boleros, among other things...

there seems to be a pervading feeling that they've stolen designs directly from small, independent designers. so disappointing, don't you think so? apparently this has been going on for some time, which i hate to see since i love anthro and urban so much. and at least on man shops globe, they seemed to give credit where credit was due...

do you think this is terrible and anti-artist, or do you think it's the way the world works and the blogosphere has just noticed it in this case? i really want to hear the thoughts of consumers, designers, buyers and business people alike...this must be happening every minute all over the place.

in less controversial wedding chat, check out BRIDEfinds' cute math on kim kardashian's monster bling...

and look at the lovely purpleness of this purple wedding. by including shades of blue and steely gray, the wedding doesn't look birthday-party-purple, which i'm sure the groom appreciated :)

and how about this gorgeous rainbow inspiration from the broke-ass-bride? i think it's marvelously tongue-in-cheek for a gay wedding, but i love it for a straight one too!


since most couples' engagement stories are a bit of a blur, i love the idea of taking engagement photos where the magic happened, like this couple featured on bwed. cute!

did you do a groom's cake? would you? check out these sweet treats for the fish and the sneaker!

any good wedding chatter on your end?

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