Tuesday, June 7, 2011

woven light

there's something really lovely about light coming through woven materials. i love the burlap/linen types as well as the wider, woodier thatched styles and i've been contemplating their use a lot recently. i think they're a really earthy alternative to a chandelier, but the earthiness itself can be a certain kind of elegance.


i especially enjoy when the woven material is juxtaposed with a luxe one, like this high-shine silver base or this mercury glass one. similarly, i'd love to see a woven piece like this in an otherwise modern space...it would ground it and soften the edges, don't you think?

this one is my favorite one of all, though. wouldn't a nicely-spaced row of them look amazing in so many settings?

images from here, here, here, and linked sites

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