Wednesday, June 8, 2011

high/low...suzani pillows

do you remember my obsession with suzani? well it's still alive and well. i LOVE it. i totally want a few suzani pillows to mix in with my already eclectic throw pillow collection and there's something endlessly lovely about having a piece made from a vintage fabric that bears so much historical and ornamental significance...but i don't have $350 to spend on a pillow this decade. if you do, peruse here and email me every gorgeous, saturated, luxe detail you find. in the meantime...

here are some vintage suzani pillows from the fab jayson home and garden. they're $195 - $350 and each is unique. 

and then here are some pillows i found at land of nod, in keeping with my love for childrens' store for cheaper versions of grown-up decor concepts. these range from $29 to $39, and while they're certainly not the same, in combination with each other and with other throw pillows, for me they achieve a similar impact.

what do you think? you see it, or do you think i'm nuts?

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