Wednesday, January 11, 2012

video conference

there are so many videos constantly being emailed around and so much tv to watch on every screen that we're all on overload from time to time, right? add to that the fact that i work in television and am married to a television lover, i am often on MEDIA OVERLOAD. but there are certain videos that i still watch from time to time just because they make me feel good, and i wanted to share them with you this morning. 

do you remember this awesome wedding entrance? i still get chills because it's just so fun and thinking about the amount of effort all their friends put in to learn it and step outside their comfort zone to actually do it. obsessed. plus it's a great song. 

then there's this michael buble video that i just find contagious. first of all, i just love him so much. the song is so catchy, the video is so kitchy, and the those horns. and all the paper confetti reminds me of the paper confetti moments at my own wedding and at my sister's. priceless.

and you've seen the honey badger video right? omg. if you haven't, you're going to need to go somewhere where curses are okay, and watch it immediately.

oh, and one other music video. have you heard of lenka? i love this song of hers and the video is cute and quirky too. this is totally one of those songs that just makes me smile and tap my feet in a way that reminds me of my grandpa and makes me smile even bigger.

as lenka says, just enjoy the show! see you tomorrow.

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