Monday, January 9, 2012


do you own an item that you just love so much you irrationally want another one? that's how i feel about the ikat scarf i got from h&m last year. i just DIE for it, over and over again, every time i look at it. when i'm not wearing it, i have it draped on my desk chair or over the side of the couch in my living room. the color story in it - blues, orange, pink, mustard...oh my god. i just can't. 

what good would having a second one do me? none. it doesn't even make sense. i just love it that much. that i'm giving it some thought, if i had an extra one, i could use it to reupholster the antique bench i rescued from a junk pile...


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Poppy K said...

Sometimes if I have a piece of clothing that I lovelovelove I ration the wearing so I won't wear it out. Sounds dumb - wear the clothes I love and look great on me less because I want to be able to wear them forever. But, if possible I try to find a duplicate of the things I really love so I don't worry about losing/staining/wearing out. I think it's totally normal to want an extra of a scarf that you adore - scarves can easily get lost and it would make you more secure to have that extra.

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