Monday, January 2, 2012

dawn of a new day

it's a funny feeling to have a whole year ahead of us, isn't it? it seemed from facebook and the media and just the general sense of things, that 2011 was a hard year for a lot of people. it was an exceedingly hard year for me and mitchell, and we have spent the last couple days talking a lot about the much hope... for a better year ahead. hope is precarious in so many ways - it means you stand on a precipice and look out -- one eye open -- and choose to believe that you'll be okay. it takes faith and guts and a lot of trust. i know so many of you have had challenging years...some that started out that way and got tougher or maybe better...some that started out wonderful and strong and ended on a scary and uncertain note. 

one thing i know for certain is that i'll be back here writing regularly again, which had gotten a little spotty, admittedly. so together, we'll meet 2012 with faith and guts and a lot of trust, okay? what's really the alternative, right? and while we're at it, we might as well make it look and smell lovely, taste good and make us happy. so here we go. a few thoughts to get us started.

i'm beyond thrilled that voluspa has brought back their best candle scent ever, baltic amber. apparently, i wasn't the only one miffed that they'd done away with it.

i made this classic spinach dip on new years eve just exactly the way the recipe says to, though i used light mayo and light sour cream. it was REALLY GOOD. and i totally did pack it into a bread bowl and served it with cubes of fresh sourdough. first rate.

a few weeks ago, my cousins and i had our semi-monthly cousins outing at a private "beauty bash" at the super girlie benefit boutique in soho which was so fun and such a steal! for $50, you get a brow service (thread, pluck or wax) and $50 of product credit PLUS drinks and snacks. new favorite benefit product? definitely this plum mascara.

and speaking of plum...i'm re-obsessed with essie sole mate for nails...i just feel happy every time i see my hands. heaven.

did you have any real favorite gifts this holiday season? i think these retro handsets for cell phones are hilarious and whimsical. i also love the footsie pajamas at target...i just worry a little about overheating and not having an easy exit plan...

i've watched every episode of up all night at least once this past week on my vacation, and i love it. i'm also completely caught up on tori and dean, blissfully netflix-ensconced in both mad men and parenthood and entirely excited for the return of pretty little liars, mob wives and gossip girl...WTF chuck??

bring it 2012.


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