Thursday, January 26, 2012

midcentury love

what's your feeling on the midcentury modern pieces that have become all but ubiquitous over the last few years? the two that come to mind immediately are the saarinen table (replete with tulip chairs as seen here) and the eames molded chair. although there's a part of me that desires them less because it seems everyone has them now, there's a larger, more pronounced part of me that feels like if i still love a piece regardless of how mainstream it's become, then who really cares? 

are there items you've loved, only to love them less when you see them everywhere? does ubiquity water down something we love? does it have to? i think not. look at all the gorgeous ways these two iconic pieces can be used and enjoyed...the one thing i probably wouldn't do is use them together, but mixed with other special and not-so-special pieces? eclectic perfection.

i love the idea of a slightly less-oft seen take on these special pieces like the saarinen table with a marble top or in an oval shape, or the eames chair as a rocker in a punchy color.

p.s. this saarinen replica is under $200. just saying...ubiquity be damned.

images from here, here, here and linked sites

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