Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a sweet surprise

have you heard of the baby gender reveal cake idea? admittedly, i should probably have come up with a catchier name for it, but listen: when it's time to find out the gender of your baby, your ultrasound technician writes down "boy" or "girl" on a piece of paper and you bring that paper to your favorite bakery. then when you're ready to celebrate whatever that gender is, you pick up the cake and cut into it to reveal either pink or blue cake. some people even make whole parties for the reveal! HOW CUTE!!!

i know that i, for one, will DEFINITELY want to know the gender of my baby, though i am struck by the simplicity of the response i got when i recently asked an expectant father why he and his momma-to-be chose to wait. "there are so few good surprises in life" was what he said. i love that thought, and i love the idea of celebrating that good surprise with colorful cake and then having months and months to plan knowing exactly what gender my baby will be :)

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Rebecca said...

My cousin Julie did this! They invited the family over to witness the cutting and then to celebrate by eating the cake. They called it The Sex Party, which i thought was pretty catchy. They also had a pool going where people placed bets before the cake was cut. It was so much fun, and definitely nicer to be surrounded by loved ones when you find out the news (IF you want to find out!), rather than from some random tech in an ultrasound room. I got some great photos of the dad-to-be's face when he saw the pink icing inside - classic!

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