Wednesday, February 15, 2012

smart salvage

i think we all have at least one eyeshadow or blush that has dropped or just generally degraded to where what was once a solid is now not so solid anymore. it gets messy, dusty and doesn't go on right anymore. so i love this glamour mag recession-friendly beauty tip on salvaging those downtrodden faves. for containers for this project, i love these.

so easy that it's kind of like, why have we not been doing this since the beginning of time? or at least since the beginning of middle school...


XOXO said...

Just a little bit of a warning - old makeup like eye shadow can contain growing bacteria that can cause eye infections. Really, if ANY makeup is older than say a year, it should be thrown out.

Poppy K said...

Eh, I play it fast & loose with the expiration date on my makeup and I figure that what doesn't give you a stye makes you all the stronger.

That said - I think this is a brilliant suggestion made even more brilliant in that it will require a trip to the Container Store to buy some cute small containers!

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