Friday, October 14, 2011

in the spirit

i had a fortuitous run-in last night with a friend at dinner here. (ps, the cauliflower "alla siciliana"on the antipasto tray was ridiculous). fortuitous because it was a pleasure to see familiar faces in the sea of fellow diners in a noisy place, but also because said friend had just purchased a spirit hood, which quickly became my new favorite thing. apparently i'm a little late to the table on this one. first of all, they're entirely adorable. second of all, buying them can help save an animal thanks to pro blue, their non-profit organization. 

my favorites are the brown bear (above), the polar bear and the grey wolf:

i particularly enjoy the ones with unexpected linings like the navajo above. how cozy! and each animal is said to embody certain traits that the wearer of the hood can emulate...the brown bear is brave, curious and gentle while the red wolf is a loyal, social spirit, taking on the role of teacher. got that?

if going full hood feels like a lot, i love the half hoods too, like this snow leopard one. and how perfect is this guy's face in that hood? i love these as a special, luxurious holiday gift - for you or someone you know who embodies a special animal spirit. or who likes furry things. either way.

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Lynne said...

how very Clan of the Cave Bear!

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