Monday, October 17, 2011

baby love

i stumbled into this lovely blog dear baby in one of those clicking frenzies where you don't remember where you started or how you got to the page you're on, but it doesn't matter because you're so glad you found it.

the pictures of the writer's perfect little children are so beautifully, softly taken and her words are the same. her sentiment really speaks to how lucky i feel to have such special siblings, because there truly is nothing like that in the world. here is what she says about watching her two babes together.

My kids are absolutely crazy about one another. Watching it unfold is one of those experiences that I knew would be special, but I couldn’t have fully grasped until it happened. Like when you’re pregnant and everyone says - “Just you wait until you have that baby is in your arms!” and you think you understand love until the moment happens and it knocks you down with such force that you can barely catch your breath. It feels like that.I love when they rouse from an afternoon nap and blink sleepy eyes in each others direction, recognition sets in and they stretch their small arms out to touch hands and faces. They belong to each other in a way no one else in the world does. There is so much tenderness, joy, and intrigue in their interactions. The beauty in what is growing between them leaves me dizzy sometimes.

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