Tuesday, September 6, 2011

goin' to the chapel

do you remember dina manzo from real housewives of new jersey? don't lie. well she has a new show on hgtv called dina's party, and here's a sneak peek. thoughts? feelings? i'm kind of excited - i really liked her. i feel like i want to be a manzo, second only to wanting to be a kardashian. (do i watch too much reality tv?)

okay, so here's a really pink wedding she did...here is the "before" of the living room...

and then here's an "after" where it became a chapel!

not what i would have done, per se, but a pretty amazing transformation and it certainly makes you look at your living room differently. here are some other pictures from the same event. i'm a fan of the alternating place settings like these.

again, not really my style, but i think it's clear that dina knows what she's doing and she does it in a big way, so i'm looking forward to it and seeing her on my screen again!

and raise your hand if you're ready for HGTV's forthcoming magazine!

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