Wednesday, May 27, 2009

take it to go

such a simple, but clever concept, and one so many of us try to achieve as we acquire the "stuff" we lug around every day. this set of five matching nylon totes ($45 at cambria cove) makes it so that even when the load you're carrying keeps growing and growing, as mine always does, you can still look coordinated. i wish they made them in other color schemes too, so there would be a brown bag set and a black bag set. and then you could match them with your brown coat or your black coat. and get the idea.

also really excellent travel items are these shoe and laundry bags. i love coordinated things like that - they feel so neat and orderly, and are such a pleasure to look at. i also find that things like this provide a feeling of comfort and familiarity when i'm out of my comfort zone. i am definitely keeping these in mind as a gift idea for someone who travels alot. or as a "gift" for myself.

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