Sunday, May 31, 2009

goodbye old friend

anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet can understand how incredibly sad we were when we said goodbye to our beautiful orange cat abe this past winter. his demeanor was sweet and human-like, his fur was soft and powdery, and his meow, surprisingly high-pitched for a cat of his size and presence. i miss him every day and still sometimes forget to remember that he is gone.

when the spring finally came, i planted seeds for some cosmos, hoping that their orange and yellow blooms would be a cheerful reminder of our special cat. it's a nice feeling to remember him with something beautiful and natural, under the sky, surrounded by birds and squirrels and other elements of the natural world. and it's a reminder that life is a cycle. as the seeds start to sprout up through the dirt, i am looking forward to watching them bloom, and wondering if i will always think abe is just in the other room as i so often do even now. i sort of hope i do.

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