Tuesday, June 8, 2010

easy breezy summer

did you spend a lot of time outside this past weekend? for me, it was a bit too hot to sit outside for any length of time except in the evenings, but i saw plenty of people grilling and lounging outside all day long. i hope this weekend coming up is more temperate like these past couple days have been because i'd love to spend the majority of it outside, hopefully with a nice breeze and golden sunshine.

i love how by the time spring and summer arrive, we're all dying to be outside for every conceivable activity - eating, drinking, playing, reading, napping, etc...it's all just better outside when the weather is perfect.

i love the extra relaxed vibe of having gatherings and parties outside too - it always looks thrown together and casual, not in a messy way, but in a way that says "come on over, we'll throw some steaks on the grill and hang out." even if it's not truly that care-free to entertain at all summer parties, that general mood sets the tone for a relaxed get together, and those are usually the most fun.

are you planning any gatherings this summer?

check out my piece in overlook view (go to page 42 of the pdf) on summer entertaining for some ideas!

photos from country living, southern living and the kithcn


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. I live for outdoor entertaining and these presentations are very, very inspiring!! Something as simple as folding fuschia napkins between white plates, arranging vignettes of glasses and iced coolers or throwing a fun mix of textiles together is so festive.

jackie fo said...

I just read your article and I loved it! Great tips too... good for you Carla, you should be proud :)

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